Getting Started

What do you need to get started with Telr? It's easy. Here's how...

First steps

We work with you to decide things like what plan is right for you, what currencies to support, and what form the integration should take. We can then take you through our streamlined onboarding process.


We offer a range of choices for how to integrate the Telr payment gateway into your checkout flow – we have a hosted solution, or two solutions for incorporating the payment form into your own website. We integrate with a wide range of the most popular shopping carts too, and have an API for your mobile app.

What requirements do we need?

  • Firstly, you’ll need a trade license for the activity that you’re undertaking
  • Secondly, you’ll need a website – it doesn’t have to be ready to go live, but it does need to match the activity on your trade license
  • You need to have a bank account for settling the funds.
  • During our onboarding process we’ll check all your documentation to verify you and your company, and make sure that your website is compliant
  • And really, that’s it. Take a look at the links below to get more detail on our process and checks.