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  • August 26, 2021

How to Get Good Customer Reviews in the eCommerce world?


How to Get Good Customer Reviews in the eCommerce world?

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More Recently, Retail businesses around the world have forever changed, especially during the pandemic as stores closed their doors given the governments restrictions around the World forcing consumers to remain at home. Accordingly, shifting the way customers making purchase decisions drastically.

Previously, sales representative had an impact on customers’ decision as they visited the store physically. Yet, nowadays; most of the purchases are being conducted online through an online store – like the one being provided by Telr Shops – which is faster and easier for a customer to complete a purchase. Yet, looking at it from the business perspective, your best marketer and new sales representatives aren’t your employee anymore, it’s your existing customers. The old word of mouth is now translated into a number of stars being shown and a positive or negative review written.

Most of the customers nowadays build their decisions according to what they read of online reviews, meaning that; online stores and SaaS businesses who have positive reviews and happy customers will likely flourish their business in this competitive world.

The good news is, most customers are usually willing to help out and are eager to leave their positive reviews of their experience on your page, all what you have to do is “ask”.

How to ask for a review:

  1. Find the right moment to request for the review after a successful service
  2. Ask your happy customer yourself, make the message sound personal
  3. State how long will it take to provide his feedback

Finally, don’t forget to give your employees rewards for the positive customer reviews.


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