Telr Split Payments


Split Funds among multiple destinations

Telr Split Payment Where Simplicity Meets Success!

Unlock a new level of efficiency and success for your dynamic marketplace with our cutting-edge payment solutions. Leave behind the complexities of traditional reconciliation processes as we introduce you to a world of seamless transactions. With our comprehensive range of supported payment methods, effortlessly collect payments and enjoy a flawless automated reconciliation process with suppliers, agents, drivers, referrals.

Our streamlined processes reduce manual work, enabling you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

How Telr Split Payments Work

The customer pays via one of the Telr-supported payment methods.


Predefined funds are routed to each predefined accounts

How will you benefit from Telr Split payments

  • Reduced Manual Work
  • Simplified Payment Processing
  • Boosted Seller Satisfaction and Retention
  • Real-time monitoring of your ledger and splits

Our streamlined processes eliminate the burden of manual work, empowering you to devote your energy to what truly matters – growing your business. Experience the freedom to pursue new opportunities and drive your business forward while we handle the intricacies of payment processing and reconciliation.
At Telr, we are committed to providing the tools needed to simplify and optimize your operations. Contact us today and embark on a journey of streamlined payment processing, automated reconciliation, and unparalleled business growth.

This Feature and all our features are included in each pricing plan.