Telr | Secure

Safe customers. Secure business

State-of-the-art security with real-time monitoring to keep your customers safe and your business secure

Telr's proprietary software protects your revenue with the fullest anti-fraud protection and real-time monitoring without compromising experience, resulting in a higher conversion ratio.

Integrated fraud management

Give your customers an extra layer of security and confidence in you. We support all the main card scheme anti-fraud measures, including CVV2/CSC, AVC, and EMV 3D Secure.

Card tokenization

We can tokenize the card numbers of repeat visitors, allowing you to offer your customers the option to 'save' their card details. This provides convenience for your customers without reducing their security.

Customizable processing rules

Our fraud prevention system includes preset rules for specific industries and geographies. You can also easily customize these rules to fit the needs of your own business.

Telr complies with the highest level of PCI standards.

We’re fully certified, so you don’t have to be. Our proprietary risk management and anti-fraud solutions are PCI DSS v4.0 level 1 certified. We keep credit cards and other sensitive data secure, and by using our libraries and APIs, you are automatically compliant with the highest PCI requirements. Visit the PCI website to learn more about how they audit us to keep you protected.

Real-time dashboard

We know how important it is to have real-time visibility over your payment flow. Our dashboard enables you to manage your payment pages, access real-time transaction data, and stay connected with our support team.

Simple, straightforward pricing

A single monthly fee for startups, and clear, transparent pricing with no hidden fees across all our pricing tiers. All of our features are included in every pricing plan

Transactions monitored in real-time

We monitor transactions in real-time, using algorithms and rules to detect fraud markers and instantly prevent fraudulent transactions. Our security and fraud protection mechanisms ensure that all your online payments, transactions, and data are well-secured against online fraud – and you maintain complete visibility over transactions.

Proprietary software keeps you secure

Our anti-fraud software is 100% built and operated in-house – we don’t share it with anyone else. This allows us to rapidly respond to changes in the fraud environment, always optimizing the safety of you and your customers.

Increase the success ratio of your transactions

Our anti-fraud algorithm is designed to improve your success rate by accurately flagging genuinely fraudulent activities.

Why is it so important to get your antifraud protection right?

In e-commerce, margins can often be extremely tight. Online businesses need to strike a fine balance between protecting their revenue from loss through fraud, and providing the best possible online experience for their customers by removing friction at the point of payment

Challenge 1 - Preventing fraud

When a customer sees that their card has been used for a fraudulent transaction, if their bank agrees that the transaction is fraudulent then the customer will be refunded their money, but the merchant may end up bearing the loss. They will have delivered the goods to the fraudster, but ultimately will not be paid for them.

The Telr solution

Telr’s proprietary antifraud solution proactively detects and minimizes fraud. It continuously studies behavioral patterns and layers this with data from its partners (such as Visa, MasterCard, banks, and its online merchants) its online merchants), and the specific card information for each transaction. This data is integrated into our core payment platform, reducing analysts' need to intervene manually. Fraud cases are reduced, false positives are reduced, revenues are protected, the customers’ payment experiences are frictionless, and the merchant can focus on growing their online business.

Challenge 2 - The false positive

Genuine transactions decline because the merchant’s antifraud solution isn’t sufficiently strong. This ‘false positive’ means that the merchant suffers from lost sales, and the customer has a poor experience that is likely to affect their loyalty to the merchant.

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