Our story

Our mission is to build connections that remove fragmentation in the e-commerce ecosystem. We make these connections to enable our customers to go cashless, digitising the way that they accept payments.

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We’re passionate about our payment gateway, and the possibilities it brings to a whole range of businesses.
We’re an award-winning payment aggregator & provider.
We like startups and SMEs and design our services to meet their needs.

An engine for e-commerce

Our payment features across social media, mobile, and web and ease of integration have brought us a rich list of customers. We’re proud to be part of the evolution of e-government, consumer goods, food delivery, and services, including ride-hailing apps.

100% Proprietary tech

Our full-stack, feature-rich payments solution has been built completely in-house. This makes it highly customizable, enabling our customers to accept payments online and through a wide range of alternative payment channels.

Our awards

Global Banking & Finance Award


The Middle East's Fintech 50


Payments Gateway of the Year