Give your Customers the Shopping Experience They Deserve!

Our services at Telr are built to create an outstanding shopping experience from the 1st click until the final stage of the checkout process. We offer more payment methods and solutions than any other provider, empowering consumers to pay in their most convenient way.

Why Telr “Buy Now Pay Later” Service?

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Better conversion & bigger basket

Our “buy now pay later” or installment solutions; connects your customers to a rich payment method that enables them to purchase instantly while increasing their orders value by +33%.


Cash on delivery alternative

Say goodbye to COD fees and the insecure cash cycle. Get paid as you ship and Build-on your customers trust by giving them the chance to try out your product before paying for it, increasing your conversion rate by +18%.


Get paid upfront, risk-free

Focus on other aspects of your business and let us take care of any fraud and non-payment risks.

Pay in Installments

Give your customer the chance to purchase whatever they want and pay it off over 4 monthly installments without any interest fees; powered by tabby.

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