The payment gateway designed to help you scale up your online business

Great online businesses need great payment gateways

Whether you’re a brand-new startup, an established retailer moving online, or a digital pureplay expanding into new markets, you need a payment gateway that can grow with you.

TelrGrowth makes it easy for you to get started accepting payments online, and scale up your online business.

Easy onboarding

Our online onboarding platform – the first of its kind in the region – gives you complete control over the onboarding process. And our team are on hand to help whenever you need them.

Multiple ways to integrate

Integrate the Telr payment gateway into your checkout flow the way that suits you best. We integrate with a wide range of the most popular shopping carts too, and have an API for your mobile app.

Connect to an ever-growing range of payment methods

With one single integration, you give your customers a wide range of payment options.

Fully proprietary technology

The Telr payment gateway is 100% built and maintained by us, meaning that we – and our clients – have complete control over our technology.

Rapid, regular settlement

Stay in control of your cashflow – we settle the funds due to you frequently and regularly.

Real-time dashboard

We know how important real-time visibility over your payments flow is. Our dashboard enables you to manage your payments pages, access real-time transaction data, and stay connected with our support team.

Multicurrency, multicountry processing

Sell to customers outside of your home country, in the currency of their choice. We support payments in 120 currencies, and also offer localised settlement.

Send out email invoices

Send customised invoices to your customers’ email addresses, that they can click on and pay directly to you online – and you can see the payment status in real-time.

Recurring payments

Set up recurring payments with ease – your customers only need to enter their details once. No more following up with customers each month, no more payment delays…

Convenience fees

Add clearly-marked service charges to payment amounts. Flexibility for you, and transparency and trust for your customers.

Simple, straightforward pricing

A single monthly fee for startups, and clear transparent pricing with no hidden fees across all our pricing tiers. And all of our features are included in all of our pricing plans.

Telr Split Payments

Effortlessly Split Funds for a Flawless Reconciliation with Suppliers, Agents, Drivers, and Vendors!

All of the TelrGrowth, TelrSecure and TelrSocial features are included in each of our tiered pricing plans

Explore the Telr Payment Gateway

  • Transactions monitored in real-time
  • Proprietary antifraud software
  • Enhanced transaction approval ratios
  • Integrated with card scheme 3DSecure anti-fraud measures
  • Card tokenisation for repeat visitors
  • Customisable processing rules
  • We’re PCI DSS Level 1 certified – which means that you don’t need to be
  • Turn your social media fans into social media buyers
  • Use QR codes to send customers to an online payment page
  • Dynamic payment values
  • Generate payments through messaging apps