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  • November 1, 2021

How to Choose a Payment Gateway Provider in UAE and KSA?


How to Choose a Payment Gateway Provider in UAE and KSA?

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Making the right decision regarding selecting a payment gateway for your online business in UAE or KSA is one of the most crucial decisions you must make when preparing your ecommerce website. Thereafter, once your e-commerce website is operating, the importance of having a suitable payment gateway will grow by time. 

It can be argued that accepting to make payments online by consumers is no longer considered an issue for eCommerce businesses, as the habit of moving to online purchasing has been substantially accelerated during the 2020 pandemic era and has continued until this day.

Factors to consider when choosing a payment gateway for Applications an ecommerce websites:

  1. Easy onboarding process: a good payment gateway such as Telr should be able to provide an easy onboarding process for their customers by working with you and their banks to ensure a fast and smooth integration process
  2. Straightforward pricing plans: You as a merchant should not have to incur any hidden prices and / or costs after signing up with a Payment Gateway. Check Telr’s straightforward pricing plans Tiered Pricing Plans for the Telr Payment Gateway | Telr
  3. Settlement Process: Stay in control of your monthly cashflow and make sure that your payment gateway settles your funds frequently and regularly. Telr provides many options according to the merchant’s requirements
  4. Customer support: make sure to have an easy access for support whenever you need it. Several channels are dedicated for customer support at Telr Payment Gateway
  5. Security: make sure to choose a payment gateway that is PCI  DSS compliant, which applies all information security standards for secure card payments. You should take into consideration that Not all payment gateways provide this crucial security element and that’s due to its high cost on the provider. Telr is one of the 1st several companies that provide a state of are security for merchants