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  • August 13, 2021

Platform must consider Agile and customizable Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway

Platform must consider Agile and customizable Payment Gateways

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Fully proprietary technology refers to companies that build and maintain their systems and have complete control over their technology including payment gateways who meets the above criteria.

Platform businesses are moving rapidly, and business needs are different from one platform to another one, which in turn calls out for customization, personalization, and localization in providing services. Therefore, when standard integration isn’t enough, platforms should be able to provide a well-developed and customizable payment gateway, that is able to provide more flexibility, security, and functionality to support this requirement while ensuring a seamless development processes designed for rapid deployment, increased efficiency, and optimized user experience.

When using a non-customizable Payment Gateway, a path to payment is still provided for your users and you might even see and gain incremental direct revenue in some cases, yet that doesn’t mean that you would be making life easier for your users, because in most cases unsatisfied users would abandon before signing up and for users who do eventually sign up their experience would be considered poor. Accordingly, Payment Gateways that do not offer customized solutions into your platform may harm your user experience, speed, conversion, and revenue. while on the other hand, benefits from customization increase customer satisfaction on all levels leading to high conversion, volume and stickiness.

Our software developers at Telr customize your integration with our payment gateway systems to create a seamless, highly converting, and secure checkout experience, as well as offering full access to payment functionality at affordable and competitive costs. different customizations vary such as below:

Webs Integration:
As an Online store owner, you should be able to consider all options that suits your business model with no extra charges, whether if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get started with a payment gateway, or if you are considering to completely integrate the payment gateway into your website, you should be able to choose from all options that suits your business model and without any extra charges.

Ecommerce integration
Integrate e-commerce platform API and various shopping cart plug-in that supports up to date tokens in minutes. With Telr you also have access to our Telr Shops e-commerce platform; enabling you to create your online store in only 5 minutes.

Sample of the Shopping Carts supported:



White Label Payment Gateway
Reflect your brand identity onto your payment page, and give your customers a seamless experience and peace of mind.

Mobile Integration
Our mobile API allows you to build card processing directly into your mobile application and start accepting payments.

Multi-Currency Processing Solutions
Accept payments in your preferred foreign currencies, and start selling outside of your home country, and in the currency chosen by your customer.

Customized e-invoicing
Create and customize your own invoice and email it directly to your customers. The e-invoice enables your customer to pay directly through a hosted online payment form.

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