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How to use QuickLinks


QuickLinks can be used as a method of selling products without the need for a shopping cart system. Each QuickLink entry is given a unique URL which can be either included as a link on your own site, or shared using email or social media etc.

Each QuickLink can also be represented as a QR code, allowing it to be used in print media. A customer can scan the QR code using their mobile phone and will be taken directly to the payment page.

  1. Login to your merchant Telr account at:  https://secure.telr.com/merchant/login.html
  2. Click on the “Integrations” tab in menu then on “QuickLinks” in the left sidebar  and then on “Add new link” button as shown in the below image.



Fill the details in the form and click on the “Add” button shown in the below image.


After adding the QuickLink You will have all the detail to embed this link in your website all send it via an email as shown below :



Set custom return URLs

You can set custom return URLs which the customer will be redirect to after completing the transaction (the default is a thank you page hosted by Telr)

  1. Login to your merchant Telr account at:  https://secure.telr.com/merchant/login.html
  2. Click on the “Integrations” tab in the menu then click “QuickLinks” then click on “Configuration” button and then fill out the details as shown below :


Additional Customer Details

Below are the 6 optional parameters that can be added in Quicklink creation through Merchant admin and Quicklink API.

Optional API parameters:

Full Name First and Last Name
Addr1 min length:2 characters, max length:110 characters
City min length:1 character, max length:50 characters
Country 2 letter ISO standard country code
Email valid Email ID up to 200 characters
Phone Valid phone number up to 25 characters


Sample API changes: (additional parameters are marked in bold)

POST URL: https://secure.telr.com/gateway/api_quicklink.json


“QuickLinkRequest”: {

“StoreID”: “”,

“AuthKey”: “”,

“Details”: {

“Desc”: “”,

“Cart”: “”,

“Currency”: “AED”,

“Amount”: “1”,

“MinQuantity”: “1”,

“MaxQuantity”: “1”,


“Addr1”: “”,

“City”: “”,

“Country”: “AE”,     à 2 letter ISO standard country code




“VariableValueMode”: {

“Status”: “”,

“SectionTitle”: “”


“RepeatBilling”: {

“Status”: “”,

“Amount”: “”,

“Period”: “”,

“Interval”: “”,

“Start”: “”,

“Term”: “”,

“Final”: “”


“Availability”: {

“NotValidBefore”: {

“Day”: “”,

“Month”: “”,

“Year”: “”


“NotValidAfter”: {

“Day”: “”,

“Month”: “”,

“Year”: “”


“StockControl”: “1”,

“StockCount”: “5”





  1. Quicklink with payment page V2 will be directly redirected to Payment page if all mandatory customer details are provided while creating QL i.e., Full name, Addr1, city, country, email/phone.
  2. Quicklink with Payment page V1 will display the pre-filled customer details in the payment page form.
  3. Quicklink is marked Paid/Inactive after successful payment & merchant cannot enable it. This function will be activated only in the Quicklink created with added customer details.
  4. Existing parameter “Desc” supports only 60 characters, if parameter length is more than 60 characters, then content will be truncated and QL will be created.
Updated on November 3, 2022

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