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Social Commerce - Enable Social Media Purchases | Telr

Social Commerce

Sell to your customers across your social media channels

Log in to your Telr dashboard to set up your payment page and generate a quicklink

Add your quicklink to your product posts in social media

Your customers come straight from your social media post to a payment page

Be part of the growth of social commerce

Let your customers purchase straight from your social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or anywhere else you can place a link, such as WhatsApp – without needing to send them to your e-commerce website.

Monetise your investment in social media

Move your audience from passive to active purchasers, by making your product available to them directly in their social media space.

Add quicklinks to your product posts

As with any other posted content, the quicklink is shareable by your audience, expanding your reach even further.

Rapidly shift inventory by creating instantaneous promotions

Make the most of social media’s rapid, responsive nature. Tie your quicklink in with a promotion to post into your social media channels.

The Telr Social Commerce feature is included as standard in all our tiered pricing plans