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QR Codes For Online Payments | Telr

QR Codes

Rapidly generate QR codes to use on printed materials

Log in to your Telr dashboard to set up your payment page and generate a QR code

Use the QR code on any advertising campaign, or on your sales material

Your customers will be taken straight to your payment page when they scan the QR code…

…and with just a couple of clicks, the transaction can be completed

Now your print advertising can lead straight to online transactions

Use a rapidly generated QR code to bring your customers directly from a print ad or brochure to your payment form.

Generate the QR code with no fuss in your dashboard

Set up the payment form for your product in the dashboard, instantaneously generate the QR code, and place it wherever you need in your printed materials.

Customers are taken straight to your payment form

Scanning the QR code takes your customers straight to a hosted payment form – giving them the appearance that they are on your site, and providing you with all the benefits of a hosted checkout solution.

The Telr QR Codes feature is included as standard in all our tiered pricing plans