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Fraud Protection - Secure Online Payment Gateway | Telr

Fraud Protection and Security

Keep your business and your customers safe from fraudulent activity

Every transaction is monitored in real-time

Our software automatically reviews all transactions, and we notify merchants where we identify suspicious patterns.Our security and fraud protection mechanisms ensure all your online payments, transactions and data are well-secured against online fraud.

Our proprietary software means you’re always secure

Our anti-fraud software is 100% built and operated in-house – and we don’t share it with anyone else. This means that we are able to rapidly respond to changes in the fraud environment, keeping you and your customers continuously safe and secure.

Increase the approval ratio of your transactions

The intelligence built in to our anti-fraud algorithm actually improves your approval ratio, by only flagging genuinely fraudulent activities.

Real-time fraud screening

We monitor transactions in real-time, using a set of algorithms and rules to identify any markers of fraud and instantly stop a fraudulent transaction from happening.

Integrated fraud management

We support all of the main card scheme anti-fraud measures, including CVV2/CSC, AVC and 3D Secure.

Customisable processing rules

Our fraud prevention system has preset rules for specific industries and geographies. You can also very easily customise these rules to fit the needs of your own business.

Telr meets the highest level of PCI compliance

Our proprietary risk management and anti-fraud solutions are PCI DSS Level 1 Certified.

We keep credit card and other sensitive data secure, and by using our libraries and APIs, you too are automatically compliant with the highest PCI requirements. Visit the PCI website to find out more about how they audit us to keep you protected.

The Telr Antifraud feature is included as standard in all our tiered pricing plans