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E-Invoicing - Customised Email Invoices | Telr


Email customised invoices to your customers.Accept the payments online

Create an invoice in your Telr dashboard…

…and email it across to your customer. The e-invoice takes your customer directly to a hosted online payment form.

Accept invoice payments in the currency of your customer’s choice

Receive payments via invoice from your customers in different locations – we support 120 currencies, and you can send your invoice in any of them.

See in real-time when the e-invoice has been paid

Say goodbye to the hassle of chasing and reconciling invoices – your Telr dashboard will show you in real-time when the e-invoice has been paid.

Create an invoice from your Telr dashboard

Email it from your dashboard to your customers

Your customers click on the e-invoice to come straight to your payment page

The Telr E-Invoicing feature is included as standard in all our tiered pricing plans