Apply For Finance

Are you an online merchant requiring finance to grow?

  • Telr can assist you achieve your growth plans.
  • Businesses operating/ planning to operate on our payment gateway can obtain finance.

I don’t have time. How do I complete the formalities?

  • We can assist you in the application process giving you more time to focus on your business

What Can I Use the Finance for?

  • Finance can be provided to meet business needs such as:

- Working Capital

- Expansion of Existing Business

- Product Differentiation

- Purchasing/ preparing stock for festivals/sale season

- Purchasing Inventory to avail of discounts

Minimum Requirements

  • Operating/ Planning to Operate on Telr’s Payment Gateway
  • As per the financing partner schemes.

Contact us to obtain more information on our services

Simplified document requirements

Quick processing time of as little as 4 days

Finance provided by Financing Partners operating independent of Telr