Fraud protection

Protect your business and your customers from fradulent activities Our Fraud protection mechanisms ensures all your online payments, transactions and data are well secured against online fraud.

Real-time fraud screening

We identify markers of fraud through a set of algorithms and rules to instantly stop a fraudulent transaction from happening.

Integrated fraud management

We support all of the prevalent card scheme anti-fraud measures including CVV2/CSC, AVC and 3-D secure.

Customizable processing rules

Our fraud prevention system has preset rules to different industries and geographies. However, you can very easily customize those rules to fit the needs of your online business transactions.

Telr meets the highest level of PCI compliance

Save yourself security headaches. We keep credit card and other sensitive data secure by using
any of Telr's libraries and APIs, you're automatically compliant with the highest PCI requirements.
Our 100% proprietary software is fully PCI Level 1 compliant and certified.

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