What You Need to Know Before Selling on Social Media

What You Need to Know Before Selling on Social MediaGone are the days when social media was just for sharing pictures from your holiday and of your pets. Nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer the best channel where you can share your products and services with people that you wouldn’t normally reach with traditional marketing. More and more business owners have seen an opportunity in online selling, so it’s also important to know that your competition is cut out for you. However, how you do your presentation online can lead to  success. Here are some of the most important things you need to know before selling on social media.

1. How to plan for the sale

After deciding that you want to sell your product or service through social media, it is important to plan out a strategy. You have to understand that this is a marketing strategy and you therefore need to work on it properly in order to see results.

  • You need to decide on what you want your target customers to know. This means that you have to do an in-house campaign first before you let the word out to your audience. You have to decide whether you will be campaigning for a specific product or service or campaigning for the whole business.
  • Know who your target audiences are so you can properly engage with them.
  • You need to have content that will effectively address the problems your customers are having. You need to show them how the product or service will act as a solution to their problems.
  • Do not assume that your customers value the features and benefits you value in your product. Seek to offer value in your content, instead of just selling your business.
  • You cannot force target audiences to turn into customers. Get their attention through entertaining and educational content.
  1. How to post your messages
  • Learn to value your audience’s’ input. This could mean responding to Facebook comments or retweeting their tweets.
  • You should identify influential social media users in your industry, and engage with them and their followers.
  • You should not tag potential customers in your posts while promoting your products without their consent.
  • You should not auto-schedule your posts as this might create confusion, because online users need to see posts occurring in real time. They need to know that there is somebody on the other side taking care of their concerns.
  1. How to retain customers
  • You should make sure that you have created enough trust in social media users so that they can follow you on your websites and also subscribe for regular email notifications from you.
  • You need to specify goals and the time you want to reach them, so you can evaluate your progress and act accordingly.
  • You should do a follow up with customers who buy your product by sending them an appreciation tweet, message or mail.
  • You should not do the same promotion month in month out. Make sure you vary your campaigns and content, depending on what does well with your target audience.


Sirish Kumar - CEO