Telr Mining Challenge is done!

About a month ago, Telr launched a unique pilot project with Ideatory : to find talent developers who are keen to solve real world problems.


Ideatory is an open-innovation platform with a focus on the Innovator. They run innovation challenges to help companies Discover, attract and engage with technology innovators. They can also assist in prototyping ideas.

After a few rounds of discussions, together we created the “Telr Mining Challenge“. It was simple, we invited participants from the world over to build effective data-driven models. Anyone can join in and those who were capable enough could have a chance to win $1,000 SGD. On top of that, 3 finalists will be chosen to have an interview for a job opportunity in Dubai / Singapore.



This contest was too much to pass up on. We received 221 applicants with limited marketing (mainly word-of-mouth) to analyze datasets.


We saw entries from various parts of the globe including the US, Singapore, India and Middle East region. From there we trimmed the crowd into those who got the answers to about 28 who got a perfect answer. Then, we launched into the 2nd round – this time shortlisted participants will need to submit a set of slides articulating their insights and the methods used.

We then narrowed it down to 3 finalists:

Hussam Dugum – Singapore

Maneesh Mishra – India 

Ryan Schork (1st place) – North Carolina, US – winner of the $1,000 dollar price!


Overall, it was a great experience for potential hires and also for Telr. Instead of the usual resume and interview, we got a chance to see the real technical skills and thought processes for candidates. This way, those who did not have the skills for the job would have been weeded out no matter how personable he/she is. The cost of this challenge is way lower than the cost of hiring a wrong person without the adequate abilities for the job just because of a interview.

Now these 3 will get a chance to interview for a position at Telr, who aims to revolutionize the 100 billion dollar payment gateway industry in  Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. These 3 may have the technical side locked down but do they have the winning personality to be part of the team?

Stay tuned for the reactions from the finalists and also to the final results of who will get their dream job in Dubai/Singapore at Telr!

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